Since the beginning on 1990, when Laura and Piero created the company, NANIS collections tell about a renewed and contemporary jewel. A light, practical and versatile jewel, that has to adapt to the style and personality of today's woman. Every NANIS piece is conceived to be interpreted and customized, and this is what makes it so special.

The jewel ofTODAY'S WOMEN"I have breathed jewellery since I was little thanks to my father’s company and my dream is to combine my family legacy and know how to my desire to shape a contemporary and revolutionary concept of femininity throughout my jewels.
Too many times jewels are seen as accessories that can be used only for special occasions. Instead I believe jewels should melt into every shade of anyone's lifestyle."

The Vision


All my jewels are designed to make every woman feel great, glowing and powerful because I think that everyone of us should always feel this way about herself."

Laura Bicego