Watches made for human needs

Since 2001, very special mechanical wristwatches have been manufactured in the Westphalian city of Münster: They have only one single hand with a fine needle point that enables the wearer to read the time. Company founder Manfred Brassler creates his classical timepieces with this unique characteristic in the technical and cultural tradition of early watchmaking.

As Manfred Brassler founded MeisterSinger back in 2001, he wanted to create an alternative to wristwatches that showed time as something constantly racing along. He had already gained a wealth of experience in watch design – and drew most of his inspiration from historical single-hand clocks to make timepieces that only show their wearers what is really important and give them a general overview, instead of bothering them with the hectic passing of seconds that they don’t really need to worry about. Nevertheless, MeisterSinger watches are easy to read because Brassler gave their dials the practical, clear readability that classical gauges and measuring instruments still have today – and which makes them unmistakable.

Single-hand watches – a concept with tradition

The tower clocks of the Middle Ages also needed nothing more than a single hand: Visible from far away for the town’s citizens and the rural population, they showed how the day progressed, when it was time to rest, or when to finish work in the evenings. They helped people to plan their time. It was only modern times and the advent of industrialization that made it necessary to think in terms of increasingly short time periods. The clocks were gradually fitted with minute and second hands, which made people aware of the constant passing of valuable time.

Het kantoor van het VVV Maastricht is gehuisvest in het Dinghuis. Het hoge dak van het Dinghuis domineert de kruising van de Grote Staat en de Kleine Staat, door de Maastrichtenaren aangeduid als de ‘Verenigde Staten’. 

Het beeldhouwwerk aan de gevel (voorzijde) is tijdens de Reformatie verwijderd. De wijzerplaat van wat wordt genoemd, de ‘oerklok’, met maar één grote wijzer bevindt zich nog steeds in de voorgevel. 


Less hectic, more heavenly: The first MeisterSinger with a moon phase module.


Bronze Line

Radiates the same serenity as other single-hand watches, but needs more exercise. After all, its Swiss automatic movement rewinds all by itself.

As Bronze Line version a reinterpretation of this traditionally used metal.

AstroscopeBlack- Old Radium

The Astroscope displays the weekdays like they´ve never been shown before.